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Storytelling through art

Starring Joelle is an illustrator, comic artist, and concept artist that crafts compelling stories through art that ignite inspiration for personal growth and learning, while following a meticulously devised strategy. Starring Joelle shares her own narratives, but she's also here to assist you in conveying your unique story and enhancing your brand's strength. Envision the endless possibilities.

Planet concept.jpg



How do you reach your target audience?

Develop a new visual concept from A to Z for your company, based on your values and brand identity.

value package

Add more value to your projects with colorful illustrations. Bring the story to life for your target audience.

creation package

Bring your ideas, brand, or characters to life. This package is tailored for smaller inquiries, perfect for when there's no extensive project involved.




Learn about projects, art styles, get tutorials and much more, by reading the blog and subscribing to the newsletter. Everything from running an artistic business to working on a project from start to finish.

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