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Beanstalk growth

Are you in search of a dynamic and impactful visual concept to captivate your target audience, yet uncertain about the possibilities? Look no further! Let's collaboratively craft a bold new visual concept tailored to your brand identity, ensuring growth. Starring Joelle's  expertise extends beyond ideation; together we'll seamlessly transition from concept development to the realization of a tangible product, perfectly primed for consumption by your audience. Let's collaborate on a comprehensive plan that ensures your visual concept not only resonates but also drives results.

This package includes:
  • Target audience research

  • Collaborative brainstorm

  • Marketing communication plan

  • Visual concept

  • Illustration and design

  • 2 (online) presentations

  • Commercial license


Do you have a concept ready to come to life, but you're struggling to find the right visual style? Enhance your projects, whether they be concepts, products, books, or brand stories, by incorporating captivating illustrations. Elevate your project's uniqueness and value through carefully crafted visuals. Let Starring Joelle help you bring your story to life with bespoke artworks that resonate with your audience and add a distinctive flair to your project.

This package includes:
  • Collaborative brainstorm

  • Visual concept

  • 5-50 illustrations (depending on how big the project is intended to be)

  • Commercial license

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Do you have a special occasion or a unique vision in mind? Then you're in the right place, commission Starring Joelle for an artwork. Every piece is crafted with care and creativity to transform your ideas into tangible, visual masterpieces. Whether it's a one-of-a-kind gift or a piece for personal use. Explore the perfect blend of artistry and emotion.

this package includes:
  • 3 different sketches per illustration or design

  • 1-3 illustrations or designs

This package is intended for personal use only. If your project requires less than 5 illustrations, but commercial use is needed please contact Starring Joelle for more details.

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