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Artists versus brands: they amplify eachother

Updated: Jun 16

As an artist and marketing specialist, I am very much involved with art and brands. For instance, I, Joëlle Barg, am the artist, but Starring Joelle is the brand. My brand gains more value through the quality of my work. My art reaches the right audience more quickly because of my brand, Starring Joelle. This example specifically involves Starring Joelle, but it applies equally to other brands and artists.

The overlap between art and branding offers many opportunities for collaboration and greater success for both parties. This is particularly true in the areas of distinction, emotion, and storytelling. I will briefly explain these topics to encourage artists to delve into brand identity and brands to pursue more collaborations with artists.

Persona of Starring Joelle posing with the Starring Joelle logo

Amplify Powerful distinction

Both artists and brands want to stand out. An artist wants their work to be immediately recognizable to others. A brand wants to be the consumer's first choice.

To achieve this, you must know what makes your brand or work different from the rest. A brand distinguishes itself through its core values, story, or product. Artists often distinguish themselves through the story they want to tell or the art style in which they work.

Perspective for artists

Artists benefit greatly from presenting themselves as a brand, not just through style. Because a brand ensures that they:

  • Think more consciously about their position and identity as an artist in a highly competitive market.

  • Focus more on potential customers and do not fall into the archetype of the 'starving artist.

Perspective for brands

It is sometimes difficult to discern what sets Pizzeria A apart from Pizzeria B based on the brand alone. What is the addition of art to a brand?

  • When the art aligns with the brand, it improves their brand position and distinctive values.

  • Applied art can create a more unique experience for customers.

Amplify Powerful emotion

Evoking emotions and being able to connect customers to your work or brand is incredibly powerful. It gives brands and artists a personal connection. This motivates customers to keep showing interest in you.

For artists, their work is the way they connect with customers. For brands, the connection often lies in the mission, vision, and core values, from which the brand story then emerges.

Perspective for artists

Your emotions have unique value because they are so closely connected to your work. Unfortunately, you probably don't always experience a source of inspiration. Therefore, a brand is of greater value because:

  • A brand gives you a solid foundation from which to build, even when inspiration and emotion are hard to find.

  • A brand helps you articulate your goals and who you want to reach.

Perspective for brands

The truly great giants, think of Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, have living brands. They constantly embody and convey their mission, vision, and core values. Smaller brands and companies can learn from this. Try to reflect on your own brand identity and the emotional associations you want to link to your brand. If you don't know how to link those associations to your brand, art can be of added value. Because art can:

  • Evoke the same emotional associations as your brand.

  • Visualize a better image to the customer.

Amplify Powerful storytelling

Artists and brands both sell a story. A brand tries to tell an overarching story that represents what it sells or does. Artists create stories in the form of artworks or larger projects.

Let's take Cinderella as an example. This story has been rewritten so many times and some versions are more popular than others, but at its core, the story remains the same. The fact that it has been told a hundred times doesn't matter. It's about how memorable your story is. Success sometimes lies in the small details.

Perspective for artists

An artist can tell the same story over and over again, but each time the work looks different. If artists specify and refine their story through their brand, then:

  • They will more easily find the customers who want to hear their story.

  • They can create more interaction around the work.

Perspective for brands

Brands repeat their own story endlessly. This can sometimes become boring for customers. Therefore, a brand must continue to develop and find new ways to bring their story to attention. By using art:

  • Brands give their story a new boost and renew interest among consumers.

  • Brands add new value to their brand.


There are so many more possibilities and opportunities to mention for both sides. I encourage you to delve deeper into art and brand identity. Let's collectively increase our success.

If, after reading this blog, you would like to collaborate immediately, please contact me via the contact form.

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